Friday, September 08, 2006

R/V/F/W Friday 4

This picture is labeled "Leta and Ginger 1984". I was 9 years old. We always had stray cats running around the "farm". Lots of times they were wild, but if we could tame the kittens early enough then they became our pets for a while (until a car got them, or another animal, etc.). I think this was the kitten that caught a ride on the truck when we went to church one Sunday night, unbenown to us. By the time we came out of church she was gone.

How about that awesome digital watch I'm sporting? And here, let me take your picture while you stare directly into the sun. No wonder my eyes are closed.

One of the more interesting items in this picture (is there an interesting item?) is the clothes line in the background (upper left corner). When I was in high school the movie Blue Chips, starring Nick Nolte, Alfre Woodard and Shaquille O'Neal, was filmed in French Lick, Indiana, which is about 15 minutes from my parent's house. Someone from the movie was driving past the house, spotted the clothesline, and thought it would make a great prop for the set. They came and dug up the clothesline, paid my parents an undisclosed sum for its use, and reset it when they were finished. When Coach Bell pulls up to Ricky's house there is our clothesline in the yard in all its shining glory. Our band, along with several other local bands, were also shot for some sort of parade scene and I was on the sidelines, but I think those scenes ended up on the editing room floor. But we did get to see some famous people drive by in a convertible.

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Destany said...

Hey, I can point myself out in that parade scene! We were right behind the car. Nick Nolte hit me in the hip with the car door as I walked by. between takes.