Thursday, September 28, 2006

All Star

After complaing that "It hurts!" and crying the first day she wore these shoes, now she will wear them with a smile and no complaints. I bought these TOTALLY ADORABLE chocolate brown and pink Chuck Taylor's on sale in the spring and was really worried that they were hurting her and I would have to look for something else. She has slightly chubby feet and it is difficult to find shoes that fit her, especially when we are in-between sizes like now. She has been growing taller seemingly overnight the past couple of weeks. She can now reach things she couldn't before and Bubby asks me, "When did that happen?" When we were blinking, that's when.

Now I think she was just having a really bad horrible whiney day that first day and trying to mess with the mommy portions of my brain. I have a shirt just like the one she is wearing here (both are Old Navy clearance) and we have matching outfits (how barforiffic, but I can't help it sometimes) only my Chuck's are black and pink.

In other breaking news, she dropped off her first kids in the big kid pool on Sunday, an action which has yet to be repeated but it was still newsworthy nonetheless.

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Ninotchka said...

Newsworthy indeed! She's such a cutie. Anna Sofia won't wear shoes. I need to figure something out.