Friday, September 22, 2006

8 and 120

This picture was taken in November 1983. My sister had just gotten married that summer and moved to a city FOUR HOURS AWAY, which might as well have been half way around the world. I had a few issues with her abandoning me like that. How dare she get married and move away and leave me behind! Anyway, this was taken at their residence and I was opening my presents from her. The totally awesome Care Bear nightgown I am wearing was one of my favorites and I believe I wore it until the arm holes were cutting of circulation to my arms. I recently asked my mom if she still had that pillow case, because I wanted to steal it, but she didn't recall it. The hideous purple teddy bear lying next to me was my best friend for many years. My mom reattached his nose and mouth multiple times over the years. It was one of those velvety-type creatures often won at some sort of carnival. The gift I am opening was a set of Strawberry Shortcake lipgloss, strawberry flavored of course. I was going through a Strawberry Shortcake phase and I also had a giant Strawberry Shortcake pillow and a painted figurine that sat on a shelf in my room. But I loved that lipgloss and wish I had some right now.

Oh, and Happy 120 posts to me.

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