Monday, August 28, 2006

Post Emmy Wrapup

Back when I worked for a living (har har har) I used to write an article for our in-house newsletter called Hollywood Leta. In that vein, here are my thoughts on last night's Emmy awards.

  • I was cracking up at the writer (can't remember his name) who's thank you speech was all the people he wouldn't thank: his eighth grade teacher who told him to sit down and shut up because he wasn't funny, God who stole his hair and that's just not cool, man.
  • Why did Simon Cowell feel the need to share his plethora of chest hair with us???? Ewwww.
  • I freaking cried during Dick Clark's speech. Perhaps this was due to the three beers I had consumed over the course of the evening, but it was just so sad how he was struggling to talk.
  • I still love Tom Selleck and have since he was Magnum P.I.
  • After Steve Carroll didn't win I was forced to eat another brownie in a fit of depression.
  • Katherine Heidel looked nervous and awesome.
  • Why did they keep showing shots of Annette Benning and Warren Beaty? Were they in the front row? Was the camera man too lazy to get a good shot of anyone else? We saw them! MOVE ON.
  • Did anyone see Martin Sheen's glasses? How could you miss them?!?!
  • I HEART KIEFER. 24 rocks.
  • Yay for The Office! I freaking love this show and thanks iMollie for convincing me to watch.
I cannot possibly say how glad I am that it is time for fall shows to start! I have hardly watch tv all summer and I desperately miss all my friends inside the box. Thanks, Bubs, for watching Scooby Doo with Arwyn in the other room so I could get my fix.


iMollie said...

thanks for the overview - i totally forgot to watch them. did The Office win anything?

Ninotchka said...

Thanks for the recap. I missed them. I was fully aware they were going to be on and then, well, I don't know what. Boooo. But I did see this morning that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart won for Best Writing. Yippppee! LOVE HIM!

Destany said...

And Jeremy Piven! Trust me, the award is long overdue for this man, long overdue. He should ALWAYS win as Ari Gold. That's really the only reason we watched. After Piven won, we turned the Emmys off hehehe I was, however, disappointed The Sopranos didn't win anything.