Friday, August 25, 2006

Flashback/Vintage/Retro/Whatever Friday

This picture has April 1979 written on the back in my sister's girly handwriting. That would make me about 3 1/2. I don't remember too much about this photo op. My brother said that is a Valiant in the background, and I do remember the old green car we had with the cracked dashboard. I liked to pick at the foam coming through the cracks. The white farmhouse in the background is my grandparent's and the lot of dirt behind me would be the huge garden that we planted every year.

This would have been a few years before my older brother (who is nine years older than me) started teaching me to play softball in our front yard. These lessons usually ended with me running into the house in tears because he yelled at me. Then he would call me a baby for crying. As I was constantly reminded, I was the baby of the family and there was nothing I hated more than being called a baby, except perhaps "Booger", which was another of his lovely nicknames for me. As torturous as this all sounds, I loved softball with a passion and longed to live up to his expectations of me. Those lessons were intended not only to improve my skills, but to make me tough. In later years, my nickname on the softball field was "Face" because I always had my game face on and didn't let anyone get to me. Thank God they didn't know all they had to do was call me "Booger".

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Patrick & Joe'l said...

I remember riding in that green car. I always thought it was such a treat to ride in someone elses car! ha ha