Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's All About the M

This is the card and journal that I made for iMollie's b-day. The card is cardstock, American Crafts Sixth Avenue patterned paper, ribbon, die cut and ink.

The journal is a composition notebook that I recovered. I painted the spine with multiple coats, mainly because I first painted it blue, but it wasn't the right blue, and I couldn't conjure up a proper blue, so I went with orange instead, only it looks really yellow in the pictures. But I promise it is a nice mellow orange and not mustard yellow. Then I used sei Hippie Chick love beads printed paper, Sandylion Celebration Bubbles paper and cardstock to cover the front and glued down ribbon next to the spine. The big M is a die cut that I picked up at my favorite local scrapbooking store, which is also where I purchase most of my paper and other supplies. I covered the back also, but didn't take any pics. I used the same paper, only blue at the bottom and orange at the top.

This is the inside cover. I LOVE this paper. It is scrapworks Spring Pollen Count. I glued a piece of ribbon to the back cover for a bookmark and painted any exposed areas and all the edges. There you have it, my friends.

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iMollie said...

Love love love them - in real life and in the pictures. Thank you so much again.