Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Wasn't Finished Yet!

Apparently you can only upload five pictures at a time to Blogger. Hmmmphf.

Anywho, then we drank some tasty milk.

Then we practiced writing and saying our numbers with daddy ...

... until we fell off the couch. Then we went to bed. The end.

Arwyn has been a dream the past couple of days. I said to Bubby tonight after dinner, "She has been so good today!" I love these types of days.

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Barbara said...


Molly sent me the link to your blog. Since we are out of town and I have no other mommies to talk to, it was VERY refreshing to read about you and Arwyn...not that I take delight in the typical turmoil of two year olds, but because it helps me realize that Calvin is normal and my reactions and feelings are normal too. sorry about the stitches in your back (and I feel your pain about not drinking). I should just e-mail you, but I thought using the comment button might be thrilling. We get back on the 25th; ultrasound on the 26th. Miss you. Love your blog spot. Ohh...and love the idea of a tumbling class; can't wait to hear how it works out as I have thought about the same thing for Calvin (don't worry, he was a bit behind the older toddlers in kindermusik this winter too, and Thomas and I are musicians for pete's sake!)

See you soon.