Saturday, July 15, 2006

Drinking Her Dinner

Not exactly the same as when I drink my dinner, although that's exactly what I wanted to do by the time it was over. A few nights ago we had chicken with lime sauce (sauce in the silver cup), noodles, and green beans. She has water in the purple cup and lemonade in the green turtle cup. She just kept going back and forth between the lime sauce and lemonade, taking big gulps of each. I thought we could bribe her to eat more if we gave her lemonade (the next phase of parenting: Bribery) and that worked for about five minutes. Then things deteriorated into "You have to eat 3 more bites. You have to eat 1 more bite. You still have to eat 1 more bite. It's only 1 bite and you can get down!" Then she spit out the last bite (twice) and was unceramoniously deposited into a time out in her bed by her daddy. Ah, the joys of dinner with a 2-year-old! It started out so promising ...

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