Sunday, July 09, 2006


We've not had a very fun weekend. My poor little baby is not feeling well. It doesn't seem to be anything major. She has a nasty cough, a runny nose and a low-grade fever. But that means we've been stuck in the house all weekend. Bubby and I did make it out to a show opening in New Harmony last night, but he's working today. So Arwyn and I are watching the Sesame Street All Star Alphabet over and over and over. GAH!

I took this picture Friday morning before we left to get her picture taken. She did really well, for the most part. She got these flip-flops for her birthday and she loves them, but I discovered that she can't walk too well in them. It took us approximately 8 years to get from the store back to the car. She HAD to do it by herself, and so she would take about 5 steps, one would fall off, she'd stop to put it back on and take a few more steps before starting the process all over again. SIGH. Then you have all the old ladies coming out of the store that have to stop and comment. At least we didn't have anything else to do that day, so I tried really hard to be patient. But now the flip-flops are only for wearing in the house until she learns how to keep them on.

If you need anything, I'll be in the recliner with a pitiful girl on my lap watching All Star Alphabet AGAIN.


Ninotchka said...

Awww, I'm sending you lots of get well wishes. Elle has a nasty cough too! Poor babes.

Katie said...

So cute! I still don't have the hang of flip-flops and I'm 28 years old. lol