Saturday, July 15, 2006

Arwyn Dae Renner

Today was the first day of Arwyn's gymnastics/tumbling class. I was very glad Bubby was there, as I would have had a hard time flipping Arwyn around, what with the stitches in the back and all. There were about 6 or 8 little girls in the class. First they did some stretches, then they all ran around the room exploring and trying out the equipment, then they played with a big parachute, got a stamp and we were done.

This was her favorite piece of equipment. They were supposed to jump off the top and go into a roll, but she would only jump if Daddy held on to her. Otherwise, she scooted her little bum to the edge and slid off, then laid on the mat and flopped around like a fish. She also kept trying to cut in line. Daddy doesn't quite have the Playdate Etiquette down. Hint: if you let her cut in front of the other kids, all the other moms will hate you! Also, its not nice.

The 2-3 year age difference was quite apparent, as the older girls were jumping off of things, walking on the balance beam by themselves and didn't fall off as a certain someone did (I was the mean one laughing while my child was crying, but at least I didn't take a picture.)

She was a bit freaked out about standing on her head, but Daddy finally coaxed her into it. On to back hand-springs next time!

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