Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Baby!

The colors are looking a little jacked up on my screen, but this is the Totally Awesome and Rad party invitation that my man made for my baby's party next weekend. That's right. We're having a humongoid playdate on Friday and a family/friend party on Saturday. Because I am certifiably insane. Never fear, Ju-Ju will be here. Ju-Ju is my best friend from forever and ever (seriously, since I was in 8th grade - hello, permed hair and rolled jeans!) and she's coming to stay with us next week! YIPEE!! She does things no normal person would ever do, like mow the yard, or help me clean and grocery shop, or draw five hundred little polka dots on bowls for the party because THE BOWLS HAVE TO HAVE PINK AND GREEN POLKA DOTS.

The party is in 10 days and the invitations are sitting on my desk. My Bubs, he is a bit of a procrastinator and perfectionist. Do you know what this does to an organizational freak such as myself? Next year I will start riding his ass a month in advance. Mark my words, Bubby!

In other news, To My Asshole Neighbor Who Likes to Set Off Fireworks at 11:30 pm: It is June 13, not July 3. Cut that shit out.

Oh, and also today we got an invitation to this guy's show opening in July. I can't wait to see it, dude.

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Ninotchka said...

That is one groovy invite! ;)