Friday, June 30, 2006

Boozey Friday Night Post

Tonight we enjoyed pitchers of Blue Moon beer and double decker pizza with a friend from work. We had a long and interesting conversation about politics. Noone was hurt. Now I have to try to recover enough to get up and run in the morning. Ugh. Fortunately, he's going with me.

In a totally unrelated topic, here is the bunny that lives in our backyard. This is the closest shot I've ever gotten of him! He's (she?) very squirrely. See the little brown spot with ears back by the "flower beds"?!


iMollie said...

where's the picture of the pitcher of blue moon? floating oranges and all?

kristin said...

love all the paint projects!! beautiful furniture...and thanks for the darling postcard!! we just love it!!

leta joy said...

uh, yeah, I forgot to take a picture of the pitcher(s).